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An internationally high-end company specialising in natural stones, focused primarily on natural stone trading and executing exclusive state of the art project management services in unique natural stones installation.

With our deep industry knowledge and local insights, spanning from quarry exploration and mining to extraction, and combined with our experience as a trading company, specializing in distribution, logistics, sales and marketing, enable us to be a leading-edge company offering exquisite, carefully mined stones such as travertine, onyx and marble to perfectly fit your project.

Forward thinking and trading aesthetically beautiful stones with European quality and standards, Werock Trading sets out to transform the way our customers experience natural stones from the new world.

Why Werock Trading?

Superior Quality
We are committed to deliver superior quality natural stones at competitive prices and our trusted technical experts work with our processes, standards, systems and know-how, to create a bespoke and fit-for-purpose delivery framework for each client.
Strong Network
With our network of strong ties to industry players, best-in-class partners, suppliers and vendors as well as architects, designers and developers, we connect our clients to global markets offering high-end, exclusive natural stones.
Our Values
Our clients are our priority, we aim to create positive customer experience, to build and manage long-term client relationships. Loyal customers are our asset.

What sets us apart?

Our Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy and real-world experience gives us an edge over our competition because we believe in providing excellent personalized customer service.
Client Satisfaction
Our clients are our priority, we aim to create positive customer experience, to build and manage long-term client relationships. Loyal customers are our asset.

A new take on cream marble – extremely popular, this marble of timeless beauty is warm and creamy and has subtle, light veining which fits in well in a residential context. It is therefore often used by our clients in floors and big public projects. It is usually polished for brightness in colour, and to bring out all its veining.

Stylish and chic, this stunning stone has different tones of grey interwoven into its surface. It is a unique yet understated bubbling pattern. It is very popular with European or USA high-end, contemporary architects and designers because of its raw and robust aesthetics. It is often used in floors, walls and outdoor projects, both filled and unfilled.

With its earthy warm tones of metallic grey and brown and clear horizontal veins, its classic look is frequently used throughout the last two centuries in Europe and very popular with our Middle Eastern clients who often use it in floors and walls. Unfilled it has a rough surface, and when used textured, it has a robust raw aesthetics and works particularly well in large space projects.

With its exquisite range of colorways of clean white and grey veins, this marble represents class and sophistication. A contemporary alternative to the more traditional highly patterned versions. Its expressive, yet relaxed pattern gains even more character when either polished or honed. This material can also be used, and looks great, bookmatched.

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Distribution and Logistics

Global Reach, Reliable Delivery
We offer end to end integrated services from mountain top to counter top, through our extensive distribution and logistics network, we facilitate shipments such as tiles, countertops and heavy slabs seamlessly across the globe.
Keeping You Updated
We keep you informed of the delivery status to ensure your project is on schedule.
Seamless Across Every Stage
With meticulous preparation, specialized equipment, properly trained team of specialists, we overcome the challenges of heavy material handling, achieving safe, secure and efficient delivery.

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